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ayumi hamasaki - Rock'n'Roll Circus 
3rd-Apr-2010 09:10 am

Rock'n'Roll Circus is ayumi hamasaki's 11th album to be released on April 14, 2010. It will be released in 3 versions: CD only, CD+DVD, and a special limited box set. The box set contains the first press edition of the CD+DVD, the DVD for ARENA TOUR 2009 A ~NEXT LEVEL~, a mug and bags of tea. First press editions of the CD+DVD comes with a 36-page photobook shot in London. Also, there will 12 hand written lyrics by ayumi hamasaki herself enclosed in 12 copies of the album (excluding the CD only version).

CD Tracklist:
1. THE introduction
2. Microphone
3. count down
4. Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~
6. Last Links
7. montage
8. Don't look back
9. Jump!
10. Lady Dynamite
11. Sexy little things
12. Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~
13. meaning of Love
14. You were...
15. RED LINE ~for TA~ (album version)

DVD Tracklist:
1. Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~ <Music Video>
2. Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~ <Music Video>
3. You were... <Music Video>
4. BALLAD <Music Video>
5. Sexy little things <Music Video>
6. Microphone <Music Video>
7. Don't look back <Music Video>
8. Lady Dynamite <Music Video>
9. Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~ <Making Clip>
10. Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~ <Making Clip>
11. You were... <Making Clip>
12. BALLAD <Making Clip>
13. Sexy little things <Making Clip>
14. Microphone <Making Clip>
15. Don't look back <Making Clip>
16. Lady Dynamite <Making Clip> 
bonus: Special Digest from ARENA TOUR 2009 A ~NEXT LEVEL~

I've pretty much heard a preview of every song on the album and I can definitely say that this is better than NEXT LEVEL. The PVs look great as well.

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