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alan - 風に向かう花 
6th-Jul-2010 06:28 pm
alan - Swear

風に向かう花 is alan's 13th single to be released on July 7, 2010. "風に向かう花" is the theme song for the film "Hisshiken Torisashi". The b-side "ココニイル" is the image song for QUALITA. The single will be released in 5 versions: CD+DVD with the music video of the song, CD+DVD with behind the scenes of her last concert, CD only with a cover of "いい日旅立ち", mu-mo CD+DVD, and mu-mo CD only.

CD+DVD A Tracklist:

1. 風に向かう花 (Kaze ni Mukau Hana)
2. ココニイル (Koko ni Iru)
3. 風に向かう花 (Instrumental)
4. ココニイル (Instrumental)

DVD Tracklist:
1. 風に向かう花 (Music Video)
2. 風に向かう花 (Making)

CD+DVD B Tracklist:
1. 風に向かう花
2. 群青の谷 (alan 1st concert -voice of you- version)
3. 恵みの雨 (alan 1st concert -voice of you- version)
4. 懐かしい未来 ~longing future~ (alan 1st concert -voice of you- version)

DVD Tracklist:
1. alan 1st concert tour -voice of you- in TOKYO 2010.01.24 Behind the Scenes

CD only Tracklist
1. 風に向かう花
2. ココニイル
3. いい日旅立ち (Ii Hi Tabidachi)

mu-mo CD+DVD Tracklist:
1. 風に向かう花
2. Nobody knows but me (Chinese Version)
3. my life (Chinese Version)

DVD Tracklist:
1. 我的月光 (Music Video)
2. 落單的翅膀 (Music Video)
3. alan in China (Making)

mu-mo CD only Tracklist:
1. 風に向かう花
2. 涙そうそう (Erhu Version)
3. 絆 (Erhu Version)

"風に向かう花" sounds really good although the wailing is kinda out of place at the beginning. The PV is one my favorites from her. "ココニイル" is typical b-side material but it's nice as well.
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