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alan - 蘭色 ~Love Moon Light~ 
27th-Apr-2010 08:59 pm
alan - Swear

蘭色 ~Love Moon Light~ is alan's first Chinese EP released last April 16, 2010. It was released in a CD+DVD edition. First press comes in a special packaging with a postcard and poster. The EP contains Chinese versions of "Nobody knows but me" and "my life".

CD Tracklist:
1. 我的月光 
2. 炫影 ~Sharp Light~
3. 有Me就好
4. 落單的翅膀
5. Nobody knows but me 
6. my life
7. 炫影 ~Sharp Light~ piano only version

DVD Tracklist:
1. 我的月光 
2. 落單的翅膀
3. my life
4. 炫影 ~Sharp Light~ (Short Version)

The songs here are quite good escpecially "我的月光". I didn't expect that I will actually like the Chinese versions of "Nobody knows but me" and "my life".

She looks so beautiful in the "我的月光" PV; In the "my life" PV, it was so obvious that she's singing the Japanese lyrics. They should have filmed a new one.

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